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Here you will find previously submitted praise reports! Be encouraged as you read!

Hi someone is sick today please don’t let them down I know you can Do it god

Please pray for my friend whose granddaughter is having surgery today for her throat.

It’s coming in a year since a drunk driver crashed into my husband and I . God is good he placed me in an Uber tonight with Durmond. I ask to pray for god clear guidance on what my next move is and where he wants me to be . So I’m able to help my children along with anyone else he may place In my life.

May the Nation stand together in Prayer for the many and may the Prayers of this Nation Join the Prayers of the world as we loose Father Gods most Powerful weapon. The Family united in Prayer will make the Deciding difference. Prayer Changes things. Blessings to all who Participate.

Dear Lord,
I lift up all the children, women and men at home that are being abused due to everyone being in such close quarters. Please take care of everyone that is sequestered and help everyone get the things they need. God Bless the little children.

Pray for my grandchildren who are getting baptized this weekend.

Pray for everyone to be protected from the Carola Virus.

Be Praying for all the people on the east coast that are about to be inundated by hurricane Dorian. Thank you Lord that you are our protector!

Please pray for this site to reach thousands so they can see how it is that "Prayer Changes Things!".

Welcome to one and all and here We go Our first Steps as a Prayer Team, where your Prayers Make a Huge Difference. Blessings to one and all, Your Friend and Prayer Partner, Brother Durm

Praying for revival in the hearts of men!